A PLANNING appeal has been launched over Wiltshire Council’s refusal to grant planning permission for an American-style barn.

Rosa Callen of 2 Paddock House in Great Somerford had put in a bid to build an American-style barn with a concrete base at land South of Crows Nest Farm.

In rejecting the bid, planning officers said: “No information on safety measures for the horses have been supplied by the applicant and should the horses be left unattended in an unsecured location given the significant distance of the applicant’s dwelling from the application significant security risk through potential theft will arise.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Elevations for the proposed American-style barn at land South of Crows Nest FarmElevations for the proposed American-style barn at land South of Crows Nest Farm

“Consequently, an approval of the development proposed will result in a requirement for a permanent presence on site and thereby an application for a new dwelling in the open countryside would create an unsustainable pattern of development.

“The location of the applicant’s dwelling in Great Somerford and the proposed development site in Cleverton would generate increased traffic movement above the current normal use of the site which would be by private vehicle and this is considered to and this lead to an unsustainable development.”

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Mrs Callen has now put in a planning appeal against the decision.

Any interested parties who wish to comment on the appeal must contact the planning inspectorate by November 10, 2021.