AN investigation has been launched after a six-year-old child left a movie-night at her school and walked home on her own in the dark crossing busy roads.

Emily Rose’s daughter Sofia was dropped off at St Michael’s Church of England Primary School in Larkhill at 5.30pm on Friday to watch Luca with other pupils.

But she turned up distraught on the doorstep of her family home just an our later after she left the school hall and crossed a number of busy roads.

Firefighter Emily said: “The school should have had someone supervising the door to intercept, so she would have never got out,” Emily said.

“She crossed main roads on her own and I’m so thankful nothing happened to her and she came straight home.

“My worst nightmare is getting called to an accident with my own child. And God forbid what else could have happened to her outside alone in the evening - and if no one was home where would she have gone?"

"Someone must have seen her leave with the amount of parents who stayed behind," she added.

She posted a statement on her own social media page, revealing that the school had apologised.

"We have had an apology but it’s a safeguarding worry and we will make sure something is changed so this never happens again and our children are safe. This could have been so much worse.”

Emily said her little girl left after becoming upset that older children were punching the bean bag she was sitting on and one of them jumped on her, crushing her fingers.

A spokesperson from St Michaels said: “Whilst this event was organised and run externally by the parent teacher association, the trust takes safeguarding extremely seriously and will undertake an investigation into how the incident occurred.

“The trust regrets any distress caused to the child and her family.

"Until circumstances surrounding the incident can be ascertained, all parent teacher association, and other such similar activities, will be suspended until further notice."