A SCHOOL sent pupils and parents a fake NHS Covid-19 ‘vaccine consent checklist’.

In late September, Lavington School in Market Lavington sent parents a letter containing a fake NHS “consent checklist”.

The hoax document has several claims against vaccinating young people.

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Lavington quickly acknowledged the mistake and sent a follow-up email to parents and carers.

It said: “Please ignore previous communication. This is clearly not from the NHS vaccinations team and was sent in error.

“Many apologies for any confusion.”

It was reported by the BBC that school leaders had warned against such hoax letters which would look to spread anti-vaccine messages.

It was confirmed by Dr Jonathan Leach, NHS England medical director for Covid immunisation that these letters were not from the real NHS.

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Concerned parents said that despite the school acting fast to dispel the email – the checklist was still available to both view and download from the parent portal.

Ralph Plummer, headteacher at Lavington School said the school acted quickly after it was caught off-guard by the fake checklist.

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"As you are aware we sent out a message very quickly after it was inadvertently sent to explain the mistake," he told the Gazette.

"We requested that the message/link be removed with the provider of our portal – we had to chase this with them and it is I believe removed and unavailable, I have checked the link you have included in your email and it does show it unavailable. "