ANOTHER fly-tipper has been fined for dumping household waste at the abandoned slaughter house in Devizes.

Wiltshire Council has fined a former Devizes resident £400 for the offence, and is the second fine in recent months at the former abattoir on the corner of Coate Road and Windsor Drive.

According to the council, the land is privately owned and the local authority has handed the owner a Section 59 notice – which will force them to clean the land and prevent further fly-tipping.

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Recently, Devizes Town Council resolved to write to Wiltshire Council over the persistent blight at the site.

There has also been calls to use CCTV to ward off anyone looking to dump another mountain of rubbish at the site.

A spokesman for the council said: “The landowner has since cleared their land of all waste and is working with the council to erect no fly-tipping signage and restrict access to the site.”

Cabinet member for waste, Dr Mark McClelland said: “We are committed to combating the issue of fly-tipping in Wiltshire, as evidenced by the recent increase in Fixed Penalty Notices, prosecutions and vehicle seizures we have secured.

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“In this case, the household recycling centre was less than a five-minute drive from the Old Slaughterhouse where this waste could have easily been disposed of lawfully by the householder. Instead, it was fly-tipped, which shows a complete disregard for the environment.

“We want to send a clear message to the inconsiderate minority that we will fine or prosecute if you are caught dumping rubbish illegally.”