Plans to build two holiday lets in Brokerswood have been rejected by Wiltshire Council.

Mr and Mrs Clow of Yew Tree House, Brokerswood had bid to build two holiday ecolodges on their property.

Their plans, however, were refused by the council’s western planning committee.

Four reasons were given for the plans going before the planning board, including the visual impact on the area, the plans’ relationship with nearby buildings, the design and the environment and highway impacts of the plans.

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In the decision notice, planning officers said that because the site was in “open countryside”, is not near any shops or services and does not reuse existing buildings – that it is not acceptable under the council’s planning policies.

The decision notice continued: “The proposed site is located in the open countryside and outside any identified limits of development whereby the proposed siting of two ecolodges to be used for holiday accommodation would constitute an unwarranted and unjustified encroachment of the open countryside, resulting in the loss of a spatial gap between existing buildings and introduce an urbanising effect that would harm the rural character and appearance of the area.”