A Marlborough father whose twin sons tragically died prematurely in 1995 has raised more than £1 million for baby care units in the south of England.

Trevor Goodall launched a new charity, New Life Special Care Babies, in memory of his sons Joshua and Samuel who were born three months early at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon weighing just 1lb 1oz and 1lb 3oz. Sadly, they both died after a week.

Mr Goodall, who works as a dental technician for the Gensmile Dental Care laboratory in Marlborough, has since dedicated 26 years of his life to a remarkable campaign of creating awareness, educating and fundraising.

His New Life charity strives to ensure that local Special Care Baby Units receive much-needed funds or vital medical equipment to enable them to care for those very special babies born sick or too soon.

He said: "I always say the charity chose me as I would never have dreamed of setting up New Life without the tragedy of my twin sons Joshua and Samuel.

"Every year over 100,000 babies are cared for in neonatal units in the UK because they have either been born prematurely (before 37 weeks of pregnancy) or made it to full term (after 37 weeks) but are too sick to go home.

"It is such a traumatic time for parents and relatives as they come to terms with the shock of a premature birth, the medical challenges their baby faces and how they can support their newborn in its first days.

"New Life is dedicated to supporting babies cared for in neonatal units, by providing grants for hospitals to purchase vital equipment that improves the chances of a positive outcome."

Recently, the charity has worked with Brighter Futures at GWH to raise £175,000 for five new incubators.

Over the past two decades, New Life has raise more than £1m for local special baby care units in the South of England.

The charity has helped hospitals such as Swindon, Reading, Yeovil, Basingstoke, Bristol, Oxford, Nottingham and Hull raise funds to buy specialist equipment, improving the chances of babies born prematurely.

Trevor's colleagues at Marlborough Dental Laboratory, which is owned Gensmile Dentalcare, have planned a celebratory event on Tuesday, October 5 in Marlborough in recognition of the charity's work.

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