Marlborough Rugby is benefitting from much improved clubhouse facilities after receiving a £10,000 financial boost from The Hills Group Limited.

The developments to the attic area were revealed, alongside new branding and a logo for the club, on Saturday, September 11.

During the pandemic, Marlborough Rugby had been very busy with the planning and execution of redeveloping the clubs facilities which were 'woefully inadequate.' The club only had two changing rooms, each with a communal shower area and separate toilet.

As the club has been steadily growing in numbers and teams over the last few seasons, this was no longer suitable, especially if both the home teams were playing visiting teams at home.

Last season, the club also introduced for the first time, a girls’ team of mixed ages which is planning to host some home matches this season.

There is also the aim of introducing a senior women’s side. Therefore, the facilities needed to be vastly improved and as the club is unable to develop outwards it had to go upwards.

Once the plans had been drawn up and permission given for the attic to be converted, an application was made to the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF) which is administered for Hills by Community First, the Rural Community Council for Wiltshire.

A grant for the sum of £10,000 was provided to the club to help with the cost of the electrical and ventilation work that was required for building two new, purpose-built changing rooms at either end of the attic, each with four individual showers and toilets.

The club, and especially the players are very grateful to The Hills Group Limited and Community First for their support to provide a more modern and functional area which will be enjoyed by players for years to come.