AGE UK Wiltshire recently welcomed Devizes MP Danny Kruger to a discussion in the town hall to hear about the work of the charity.

Mr Kruger spent time talking with service users, carers, and staff and heard first-hand about their own experiences of local health and social care systems and how supporting and improving services for older people are more important than ever coming out of the pandemic.

Sarah Cardy, chief executive of Age UK Wiltshire, said: “The last couple of years have been particularly difficult for older people, many of whom have had to manage without the physical support of family and friends.

“Accessing care services has been challenging due to the complexity of the system and shortage of carers. What care is available is not always appropriate to people’s needs.

“Loneliness and isolation have impacted on people’s mental health, and it is harder for people to build confidence as we move out of the pandemic.

“Every day the charity hears from older people about the problems they face with social care so we were delighted that Danny spent time listening and speaking to the people who are affected by challenging care situations on a daily basis.

“While we are pleased that Government has broken the log jam on care and has committed to a package of reform, a lack of any immediate funding for councils is one of the yawning gaps in the government’s plan.

“Councils can only provide care when they have the funding to do so, and when enough care staff can be sourced locally by care agencies to deliver it. Both are now in increasing short supply in many places, making it harder than ever for older people to get the support they badly need.

“This is a good first step from the Prime Minister but for him to truly keep his promise to ‘fix social care’ the Chancellor must now provide substantial funding to local government in the Spending Review.”