WILTSHIRE Council project officer Simon J Marton has published his second book following the success of his debut work in 2019.

Journey of a Broken Man gives an insight into male identity and mental health based on real-life stories and, says Simon, is "for men who feel like boys".

Mr Marton, 51, of Radstock, has taken on completely different subject matter with a grittier slant to that covered in his first book, Journey of a Reluctant Air Steward, which was based on his career as a cabin steward for major airlines.

"It centres partially on my own attempts at finding out who I really am and why so many men are broken and the root causes of this


"I stumbled on a world I never knew existed, which was both alarming and illuminating. Underneath the veneer, I realised that there is a sub-culture, where many men struggle with facing themselves, and resign themselves to clinging onto a grim imitation of life."

Mr Marton writes about the time he spent working in social housing/adult social care and on neighbourhood mediation cases in the west of England.

He added: "This is a collection of real life stories, some biographical and others autobiographical, to help say to other men, ‘You are not alone in your feelings of brokenness'.

Journey of a Broken Man is available at £10 in paperback and £5 on Kindle from Amazon.