ON FRIDAY, August 27, Devizes Tennis club received a trophy from the friends of Helen Maunder who sadly died recently of cancer.

Helen left a huge legacy at the club having inspired many older players - both novice and experienced - to join in morning tennis sessions at the club.

The group now has a wide range of ages, abilities and mobility offering friendship camaraderie and a good game of tennis, all thanks to the encouragement of Helen.

While ill and in hospital she passed the mantle to Barry Devine to ensure the group continued and her many new friends continued to enjoy their fun tennis mornings.

During the presentation several friends recalled fond memories of Helen.

"We are in debt to Helen for her enthusiasm and kindness to everyone in promoting this group so successfully," the club said.

The group plays throughout the year with an entertaining range of headwear, gloves and muffs filling the courts.

The club meets on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings about 10.30am and welcomes anyone.

The club will now run a tournament / fun tennis event annually to remember Helen.