PLANS to build 50 houses in Malmesbury will be decided by Wiltshire Council next week.

The Strategic Planning committee will meet on Thursday, September 16 to make a decision on an outline plan by Stonewater Housing Association and White Lion Land.

It is proposed that the houses are built on land just off Park Road in the town.

Normally, it is larger developments that would be decided by Strategic Planning, but because of the plan’s non-conformity with both the development plan and Malmesbury’s neighbourhood plan, it will go to committee.

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The original proposal sought was for a 100 per cent affordable development but was revised so that 40 per cent of the 50 houses will now be affordable.

In the committee report, it states: “Cllr Gavin Grant has raised concerns in relation to the proposed development due to its non-conformity with the Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan and as the site is not allocated for development in the development plan.”

Malmesbury Town Council has raised its objections to the plans and a total of 136 letters of objection have been received by Wiltshire Council.

In comparison, only five letters of support have been submitted.

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Planning officers have recommended that the committee grants planning permission for the proposals.