HOMELESSNESS charity Doorway has moved into its new site in an iconic Chippenham building.

On the so-called Freedom Day (July 19) Doorway moved its operations to the permanent base of the Citadel in Chippenham.

Director for the charity, Jo Kitching said she hopes the new and much bigger space will help Doorway reach many more with its work to reduce homelessness and isolation for years to come.

The new space has a full kitchen, storeroom, laundry facilities and offices upstairs which will be rented out to help the charity pay overheads on the space.

“Upstairs is where our offices will be, but also the Citadel hall that we’ll use for fundraising, our music group and maybe some art once a week,” she said. “We’re also able to let space out to other organisations.

“Our overheads are higher than they were, so we need to make sure we maximise our income.

“But if we see there’s a need for something we can do it. We’ve realised there’s a need for a drug and alcohol support group locally.

“So we’re going to set that up from the end of September which will happen on Tuesdays and will be run by staff and qualified volunteers.”

Jo says that Doorway will help to support around 300 people this year where in their previous base they were supporting around 215.

The charity will also be operating out of the space for the entire week, whereas at the Salvation Army they could only open up for two days, meaning some people in need were missing out on help. She says there will also be a greater focus on young people.

“We support people over the age of 16, and recognise that we can do more to help younger people who can be at risk of homelessness on leaving the care system.”