Retrospective plans to repair a stone boundary have been refused by Wiltshire Council.

Mr Squiers of Home Farmhouse, 2 Honey Knob Hill South put in a listed building bid to repair an existing stone wall and lintel at his property but was knocked back by planning officers.

Repair works began in 2019, including rebuilding sections over the nearby watercourse.

However, it was noted by planning officers that this version did not match the detail of the ducting as the opening has grown and was held open with “what appears to be” concrete lintels.

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In their decision, planning officers wrote: “The poorly detailed and crudely executed alterations to the wall and water duct harm the significance of the heritage asset due to the inappropriate design, detail and materials.

“The harm caused by these works erodes the significance of this heritage asset and its setting through loss over vernacular details, materials and design, having been replaced with materials and designs that are not currently seen in the vicinity.”

The parish council raised no objections to the plans.