I HAVE a rather severe medical phobia. I’m not generally squeamish - I won’t bat an eyelid at blood or bodily fluids. But add any kind of medical element and I’m liable to cause a scene. Even the thought of having my blood pressure taken makes me feel faint.

It’s not because ‘I don’t believe in science’ or some other such nonsense. It is a completely involuntary physical response, beyond my rational mind.

As a younger person with no underlying health conditions, I was happy to wait my turn for the Covid vaccine - but we’re well past that point now.

People try not to roll their eyes (with varying success) when I explain that I haven’t had my vaccine yet, because I need to time it so it won’t cause chaos when I am out of action and so I can arrange a lift home.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: I know what I'm in for when I go get my vaccine I know what I'm in for when I go get my vaccine

But you see, when I last faced a couple of needles for travel vaccinations in September 2020, I did cause chaos.

Despite trying my best to focus on something else and not to look, I passed out on the pharmacy floor. I drank water, had some sugar and rallied ready to drive back to work. But by the time I got back to my car I felt so sick and woozy I was physically unable to drive.

After several hours stuck in a car park my husband had to take public transport out to rescue me. I then crashed into bed, rather than going out to dinner. It was his birthday.

Circumstances have aligned and I have now booked my first vaccine for this afternoon, god help me.

But despite these obstacles I now feel embarrassed to have waited so long. I thought that there was no harm in hanging at the back of the queue because I’m in one of the least vulnerable categories - and I’m not someone with the most social contact day to day.

I thought - ‘let others who want it more go ahead.’ But this complacency is catching.

I read today that the vaccine uptake among under-30s is concerningly low, worrying officials.

I’m a dual UK/Australian citizen and I know the situation is even worse over there. Vaccine hesitancy is spiralling with the spread of misinformation that plays on natural fears.

I found myself yesterday sending articles to friends there on research debunking conspiracy theories that the vaccine could cause infertility or miscarriages, to convince them to get jabbed.

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The weight of evidence, if you go looking for it with a clear mind, is that the as yet unknown long-term effects of this out of control, constantly mutating virus are much scarier than random theories plucked from thin air about the carefully constructed highly-researched vaccines.

I feel like - whatever your age or health - the balance of risk is pretty clear.

The hypocrisy and irony of my arguments was not lost on me and I will now be making sure I’m fully vaccinated ASAP - even knowing it’s going to be a very painful and embarrassing experience for me.