A CHIPPENHAM grandmother is appealing for donations to help ensure her family can afford surgery for their beloved dog.

Tom Mould bought Victorian Bulldog, Buster, for his family five years ago but died in December 2019 after a short battle with pneumonia.

Tom, who was well known in Chippenham, left behind partner Tara and daughters Lexi, nine, and Bailey, 14.

With Tara working hard as a head cook to support her children since Tom’s death, it was a huge shock when it emerged that Buster needed surgery, which would cost £3,500.

Her mother Sue Clark has now started a fundraiser in the hopes it can ease the financial pressure on her daughter’s shoulders.

“They’ve had the dog for five years,” she said. “Tom was the one who bought the dog for them and they’ve had a really difficult time since he passed away.

“He died in December, we said goodbye to him in January then the country went into lockdown again.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The family in happier timesThe family in happier times

“They’ve done really well but Buster is one of the last true links to Tom now. If they ever lost him, it would be horrible for the kids. He was a great dad, he loved his girls.”

Buster became ill after accidentally eating a small bouncy ball thrown into the family’s garden. The ball got stuck within his intestine and the vet explained how much it would cost to treat him as a result.

Sue added the fundraiser was a last resort but since launching the GoFundMe last week, 17 people have donated £450 to help the family.

“It means so much. We would never ask for help like this, it was quite a hard thing to admit to,” Sue said.

“But they just can’t afford that sort of money for his treatment, but they can’t afford to lose Buster either. It would destroy them after everything they’ve been through.”

To donate to the fundraiser go to https://uk.gf.me/v/c/5rnh/tbhcgt-heartbreak