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NHS trusts in England have been invited to bid to build a total of eight new hospitals, the Department of Health announced earlier this week.

We asked our online readers if Wiltshire needed more hospitals and, if it does, where should they be?

Adeline Dalley: Warminster could be used for so much more, they even have an X-ray machine in situ. Used to have a 24/7 out of hours Dr there as well that you could access through 111. Our vulnerable and elderly could sure use better services here, rather than going to Bath or Salisbury in the middle of the night.

Heather De-leon: Trowbridge needs the one we already have do it up X-ray dept already there save thousands on building new one used to be busy will be again.

Adrian Giles: We have one south and one north so one in the middle of the county would make sense. Devizes/Melksham would be ideal. Won’t happen though.

Jason Bartlett: Still waiting for the NHS hub Trowbridge was supposed to be getting until the council decided the East Wing of County Hall was not a good site due to flooding! And of course nothing to do with them losing their car park. Trowbridge it seems is only good for housing so getting any kind of new health facility in the town is slim let alone a hospital but God knows we could use one.

Jenny Summers: Swindon needs a bigger hospital.

Andrew Dogman Drew: Melksham needs to be reopened and updated with the amount of houses being built.

Sandra Sutton: How about reinstating all the smaller Minor Injuries Units and hospitals that have been closed down over the last few years to take the pressure off the larger ones?

Betty Fitzsimmons: Devizes

Last weekend, Max Verstappen crashed out of the British Grand Prix following a collision with Lewis Hamilton.

Hamilton dived down Verstappen’s inside on the entry to Copse at 180mph on the opening lap, with the Mercedes driver tagging the rear of his rival’s Red Bull.

Verstappen was sent out of control and crashed into the wall, and was winded in the high-speed accident, while Hamilton was given a 10-second time penalty for causing a collision.

Lau Cutler: I must have been watching another race to some of you. They were side by side racing. Hamilton was doing just that, then Max comes along, doesn’t like it cos he can’t dominate and bully on the track like he usually does. In my and other drivers opinions he is an aggressive driver. HE CUT ACROSS. You saw the footage inside the car. MAX chose the turn sharply into Hamilton. It was a dangerous and foolish move. Things could have been very different if Hamilton had been squeezed closer to the barrier. Let them race, let them challenge each other. Sorry Max YOU were in the wrong.

Jamie Bailey: It was definitely Hamilton’s fault he wasn’t even along side him going in to the corner should have been a stop and go

Sharlotte Collier: My opinion, definitely not Hamilton’s fault, Verstappen turned in towards him even after looking and seeing him at his side.

Colin Hayward: It’s motor racing isn’t it bit like dodgems at a fairground obviously lot faster there skilled drivers going at top speed and connect some times. What’s wrong with that.

Josephine Stockford: It was a brilliant race and Lewis shouldn’t of got that 10 second penalty and he was doing the right thing to my liking it was Max’s fault cause he came across Lewis drove very well.

Fish and chip fans shared their favourite memories and aspects of Ocean’s Traditional Fish & Chips, at Unit 5 Verbena Court in Melksham online this week.

The takeaway was crowed the winner of the Wiltshire Times Best Chip Shop competition after hundreds of votes were cast by readers.

Stacey Hackett: Well deserved! You’re all a fantastic team of people as well. Makes going here even better.

Claire Norton: Congratulations. Totally agree, not just great food, but lovely people as well.

Vanessa Fiorelli: Yep, they are pretty good and I like the box packaging- means you don’t get sweaty chips

Steve Dewar: Our go to fish and chip shop (and a great kebab) with a friendly service and fair prices.