A DEVIZES 12-year-old has shared his love of Wiltshire through his new hobby - photography.

Cayden Fletcher often spends weekends exploring the county with his family and scouting out areas that could make for beautiful photos.

Cayden, who currently specialises in nature photography, only properly picked up a camera after England’s first lockdown.

His grandad, Mike, visited the Fletcher family in Devizes after restrictions eased and gifted his grandson his camera.

From then on, the love for photography grew and grew for Cayden, who had always been creative but hadn’t had experience with photography.

Armed with a Nikon d3200, he explored Devizes and even borrowed friend’s gardens to practice in.

Once restrictions allowed, Cayden and his father started going further afield to snap photos.

The young photographer has been praised for his variety of shots and the speed that he has learned his trade.

The 12-year-old has already seen success in competitions despite only starting photography recently.

In one, he placed 39th out of hundreds of participants.

“I only really started when my grandad Mike came down after lockdown,” said Cayden.

“I like planning with my dad where we will go out to and what kind of new places we can find. It’s a really nice way to spend time with him and also see some interesting places.


Caydens photos

Cayden's photos

“I did drawings before, but never had tried photography properly. I like to take photos of nature, like flowers and animals, the most.

“We also have a dog called Zena who is great to get photos of. She’s a Staffordshire bull terrier.”

Cayden can spend the entire day exploring locations for his photos and framing the best shots for his final product.

Once he returns home, he uses the software Adobe Lightroom to edit the photos.

He uploads his photos onto the website PhotoCrowd before entering them in competitions and sharing Wiltshire with the wider world.


Caydens photos

Cayden's photos

He hopes to one day to perhaps make photography his career after he leaves school.

For Cayden’s family - they could not be more proud of his success so far.

“He’s really got an eye for it” said his parents.

Mum Lorraine added: “It’s great for both him and his father to get out and explore, and for us to see how much he enjoys it. I can’t believe how quickly he’s picked it up. His photos really are amazing.”

“We are all very proud. I always describe Cayden as having an old soul, he’s a very sweet boy.


Caydens photos

Cayden's photos

“He really enjoys photography and we are excited for what he comes back with.

“He’s improved so quickly, we’re all really impressed.”