A Nottingham Knocker was traced in Potterne, near Devizes, following a call from a concerned resident.

The man was intercepted (July 21) and was told to leave the area.

He will be reported for the above offence.

Nottingham Knockers go door to door, selling household items at a usually inflated price.

They show fake ID and will tell you that they are "trying to get their life back together."

Whilst this may be true, the practice of selling on the doorstep is illegal - and counts as peddling without a license.

Devizes Police have issued a warning on their Facebook page.

They wrote: "Often, the person will make note of vulnerable addresses, such as elderly residents, and pass these addresses on to unlicensed traders, with the resident possibly becoming a target which could result in them parting with a lot of money for usually sub-standard work.

"There is a good chance they will be in the area this week and, if you receive a visit from them, we advise you to politely decline to buy anything from them, close the door and call us on 101, giving a brief description and direction of travel. They won’t have a vehicle with them as they are dropped off and collected later by a leader."

"Please make any elderly or vulnerable friends, neighbours or relatives aware of this advice."