Wadworth’s Shire horse, Sam, is officially back from furlough and out and about delivering drinks across Devizes.

A long held tradition for the brewery has seen horses trot throughout the town to deliver caskets of booze around local pubs.

At one point, more than 40 Shires were used by the Brewery to deliver their beers to local inns and hostelries. Ponies and traps were also used by the Brewery’s representatives to call on customers.

Before the pandemic, Sam and his companion Jac would routinely deliver beers, wines and spirits on weekdays to pubs within a two mile radius of the Wadworth brewery.

It is hoped a second horse will be recruited to join Sam in his deliveries, after Jac died earlier this year after he contracted a severe bout of Laminitis.

Since Jac died, Sam has been joined by Jen Cockin’s Cob Boris as a field companion.

Sam will also be outside Wadworth’s Brewery Tap and Shop every Thursday morning and people are welcome to pop down and say hello while maintaining a safe distance.