THE Conservative candidate for the Police & Crime Commissioner role has said his top priority would be to develop a new traffic control scheme following the death of a seven-year-old girl in Collingbourne Ducis.

Philip Wilkinson, who recently took over the candidacy for the Tories, said that while he would not usually make a firm policy pledge, he would be committing to forming a new traffic strategy.

This would mean working with Wiltshire Council and community speed watch groups.

Mr Wilkinson said: "While there are concerns for serious organise crime, county lines and drug abuse in the major urban areas, and concerns about agricultural crime in the rural areas, the number one concern throughout the county is illegal speeding; the second is domestic abuse, which has worsened during lockdown.

“Whatever the cause of Wednesday’s tragic accident, I will develop a more coherent traffic management strategy than exists at present that will bring together improvements in signage and traffic management and which will also make a more constructive use of auto-speed watch cameras and average speed cameras.

“In addition, I will guarantee that our police teams will provide feedback to the community speed watch teams so that they will know that their efforts to keep the county and our people safe are positive and making a real difference.”

Collingbourne Ducis speed watch group met with the PCC would-be and told him the group had bought its own auto speed watch camera.

Mr Wilkinson impressed that these groups need feedback to know they are making a positive impact on the communities they are a part of.

Police already have plans for a new post which will deploy sophisticated cameras to support the work of the speed watch groups.

Mr Wilkinson says he will guarantee additional funding for an additional post with a similar camera and will “lean on the council” to fund a third position and camera.

“As a parent I cannot imagine how the family in Collingbourne Ducis must be feeling and they have my heartfelt sympathy, but I would very much like to create something positive out of this shocking tragedy,” he added.

“We must do everything in our power to ensure that our children are safe."