A DEVIZES teenager has struck up friendships with music royalty after her stunning make-up looks went viral online.

Georgia Parry-Smith, 17, once routinely hid away in her bedroom, which was her safe space while she endured relentless bullying at school.

But as she sheltered away from harsh words and jibes from classmates, she began to grow in confidence at home due to the app TikTok.

A massive Michael Jackson fan, Georgia now spends hours creating stunning make-up looks she paints on her chest and body.

Her videos have reached all corners of the globe and before long her idols were commenting and sharing her work.

“I was raised on eighties music,” said Georgia. “I grew up with Michael, and everyone knew it. I was only five when he died but it really did impact me.

“But when I joined school, it became everyone’s issue. I could barely walk round with getting teased or shoved. Tiktok was an escape to find people who didn’t judge me.”

Quite the opposite, and thousands soon started following her and sharing her videos.

Michael Jackson’s nephew, TJ Jackson, reached out and offered her words of encouragement and support.

He in turn put her in touch with the American drummer Jonathan Moffett, also known as Sugarfoot, who had worked with the entire Jackson family, as well as Madonna, George Michael, Elton John and Stevie Wonder.

Georgia said: “I honestly still can’t believe it sometimes. Jonathan was so humble and thanked me for creating a look of him. He sent me signed photos, a CD, and even signed drumstick for my 17th birthday.

“This entire journey has been insane and if you told me that I’d have had the chance to speak with all these amazing people, I wouldn’t believe you.”

For Georgia, whose journey has all taken place within the same four walls of her bedroom, she hopes her story can encourage other bullied teens who perhaps shy away from expressing their interests.

She also has received praise for her make-up recreations of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night and a tribute piece to the late Captain Tom.

“There have been days where I was crying on my floor, feeling suicidal and defeated. Now, I’m crying from happiness at what has happened. I have a voicenote from TJ Jackson, I have a signature from Michael’s sister La Toya, and I’ve been so lucky to speak to so many amazing people,” she said.

“When you hit rock bottom there is literally one way to go, and that’s up. I really do hope my story proves to people on how things can get so, so much better.”