Plans for a new food and drink outlet in the town centre of Devizes has sparked worry.

Colin and Chris Lugg hope to set up a vending cabin to the north of the fountain in the Market Place, to serve people using the seating area and passers-by.

The unit would sell tea, coffee, cold drinks and ice cream as well as larger food items such as baguettes, salad and pastries.

Councillors of Devizes Town Council this week discussed the potential idea.

The Luggs have been involved in the hospitality industry for a number of years, and had hoped to work with the Town Council on operating hours for their proposed venture in Devizes.

"I really don't think this is a good idea," said councillor Judy Rose.

"You have to consider there are businesses in the market place such as Times Square and Greggs who are providing food as it is, I don't think either of them will be particularly welcoming to a free standing competitor.

"We also have to think very carefully about the ambience and appearance of the place.  Our Market Place is unique, it's incredibly special and I think we have to be extremely cautious about this."

Others in the meeting agreed that it would be important to preserve the character of the Market Place and to keep the area surrounding the fountain clear.

Councillors decided a final decision would be made after more clarity has been gleaned on the overall longstanding plans to develop the Shambles and wider Market Place.