SWINDON Town Official Supporters Club says it will no longer directly support the club financially until either communication from owner Lee Power begins or an alternative party takes over.

Unrest has been growing rapidly among Town’s supporter base in recent months over the lack of news or information to come out of the County Ground, and especially due to the absence of updates regarding season tickets.

The fan group says it is happy to work with the club’s suppliers and “fund initiatives that directly benefit the fans, such as ground improvements”, but that the lack of openness and transparency from Town’s hierarchy means their mission to make supporting STFC as enjoyable as possible is “impossible to achieve.”

That, coupled with the uncertainty over whether the club’s current owner wants to or indeed can fund the club, has seen the usually benign Official Supporters Club (OSC) stand up and make its feeling clear.

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In a statement released on social media and sent to all members, the OSC said it felt now was the right time to clarify the group’s position in relation to the ongoing ownership issues at Swindon Town.

The OSC said: “Following on from the latest ownership developments, and numerous requests for us to do so, we want to make the OSC position clear.

“Our constitution states our mission is “to provide both direct and indirect benefits to members and the football club’s wider fan base, making supporting STFC as enjoyable as possible”.

“It also states our vision is “a positive and engaging atmosphere for all STFC supporters, resulting in an increasingly engaged fan base and a positive match-day atmosphere”.

“The current ownership situation, coupled with little to no communication around both refunds for last year’s season tickets and the situation around those for the upcoming season, is extremely unsettling and makes our mission and vision impossible to achieve.

“As a result, we encourage the current ownership to start engaging with the fanbase immediately or to quickly step aside for a new owner, to give the club the best chance for a successful season.

“Whoever that owner is, we will fully support them as long as they are respectful to the fans and operate transparently.

“As long as the current situation continues however, we cannot in good conscience provide the usual financial contributions to the club through channels such as player sponsorships.

“For clarity, we are open to working directly with suppliers to fund initiatives that directly benefit the fans, such as ground improvements.

“We are ready to review this decision as soon as the situation improves.

“We realise that not everyone will agree with this decision, but we feel things have gone too far for us to continue as we are.

“That we are even in a place whereby we are having to make this decision, is regrettable.”