Firefighters were rewarded with ice cream after a fire in Wiltshire, that was caused by an e-bike battery charger.

At around 2.35pm on June 12 crews from Calne and Chippenham were called out to a garage fire.

On route a large plume of smoke could be seen and the crews arrived to a detached garage on fire 

Two breathing apparatus, two hose reels and a main 45mm jet were used to extinguish the fire and prevent further fire spread to an adjoining garage. A fire investigation officer determined that the cause of the fire was an e-bike battery on charge. 

This is the second incident the fire service have attended recently involving e-bike batteries.

Ensure batteries are not left charging and follow any advice given by the manufacturer also head across to DWFireRescue website for more safe advice.

Once the crews had put out the blaze they carried out a 'hot strike' on nearby homes, offering fire safety advice and checking on smoke alarms.

"Big thanks to the local children that gave us ice creams" Calne Fire Station added on Facebook.