Hundreds of comments were posted underneath our story about the Wards, a Traveller family in Bromham embroiled in a planning dispute with Wiltshire Council. They have broken planning regulations but say they have been discriminated against, and want to live permanently on the land they own in Bromham. Wiltshire Council are exploring fine options.

Jill Freeland: If anyone needed help they would be there to help you some live in beautiful houses I lived next door to them for years.

Philip Price: Everyone should have the right to live their lives the way they want as long as they don't hurt anyone else, and no one should have the right or the power to stop them. As John Lennon once imagine all the people living life in peace

Craig Moore: Just another fine example of discrimination , are will still living in the dark ages or something, stuff like this needs to be stopped

Ben Roberts: No excuses, follow the law like everyone else.

Shelley Nelson: They should be allowed to be part of village life . Nobody should judge another person based on how they want to live

Graham Hickman: We are all bound by the constraints of planning laws and just because you live in caravan doesn't give you the right to run roughshod over these laws.

Mark Harris: To build anything anywhere you first need to obtain planning permission. It doesn't matter whether or not you already own the land you want to build on, you still have to go through the process. If permission is refused you can appeal but if that appeal is also denied then you can rest assured there's a good reason for it - and it has nothing to do with who the applicant is or their background.

Ryan Smith: I do feel for the traveler community. Like the lady said in the article, they are not all the same. Like most walks of life people ruin it for other people.

Lorraine Ball: I own 6 acres of land,we've been refused planning twice for a mobile home a small piece of land opposite has been granded planning for 1 mobile home hard standing for a tourer and a day room sadly going to appeal costs money. We're hard working people paid all our taxes if we were travellers it would have been granted. Travellers have more rights than anyone that's what pisses me off

Sue Turnbull: They are the same as everyone else , they need somewhere to live , what difference does it make if there a traveller or not , we are all human I totally agree there is not enough places or land for them to live ,makes no difference if its a house , caravan or mobile home .

Simon Chamberlain: Did they buy the land? If so then the rejection on planning permission should be scrutinised

Tracey Judd: Genuine travellers are some of the nicest, cleanest people you will meet. They have a child, they want to settle, doesn't matter whether they live in a caravan or a house, there's bigger things to worry about in the world. Treat others how you want to be treated

The family of a 100-year-old woman from Wilton who was left waiting for an ambulance for five hours are calling for answers.

Eddie Clarke says his mother fell while she was in the bathroom on Monday, May 24 and was found by her carers who called the ambulance service straight away at about 8.15am.

However, it wasn't until 1.15pm that paramedics finally arrived.

Daniel Claridge: It sounds like the lady was luckily uninjured, never be worried to try and move someone if there is nothing obviously broken etc, many care company's have a "policy" not to help someone up even if they have no injuries, this leads to many people waiting for an ambulance they don't need

Kerry Drogan: In some counties firefighters are assisting when there is a high demand.

Carl Young: If in Wiltshire get the care line connected to Medvivo and get the responder service as well. They will come and lift people if not injured and a lot quicker if the service under extreme pressures.