It is hoped a swathe of trees can be planted in Devizes - to help reduce the town's carbon footprint and combat climate change.

A working group will be set up and funding routes explored on how to line the streets with more trees.

Cllr Peter Corbett said: "Even Donald Trump now accepts that there is climate change. It is a real issue, and an issue we must all address. As scientists tell us it is a critical problem, our Government recognises this is a problem and our children are worrying about the world they live in.

"Councils across the UK are acting, and we need to do more in Devizes. Trees will help reduce our carbon footprint and improve the air quality along our heavily polluted roads. Planting of trees will beautify our town and make it more of a tourist attraction.

"The planting of trees will be a statement by this council to the residents of Devizes that we have hope and faith in the future. We are planting them for those who will follow us."

Councillors all supported the venture, and councillor Jonathan Hunter asked for the younger generation to be included as well.

"It's their future after all, so that would be a great opportunity not to miss."

The Town Council does have a£20,000 “tree and woodland management” budget, which is principally for tree works an surveys, but it can be used to fund a fairly limited number of new trees where needed.