Plans for a supercar auction house near Malmesbury have raised concerns from locals.

Paddlup Ltd has applied for permission to house a storage site for supercars over £100,000 at Callow Park in Brinkworth which would then be put up for online auction.

Residents at the nearby Callow Hill raised concerns that the 365 day site will attract increased traffic and noise to the village.

A spokesman for the Callow Hill residents said: “We knew nothing of this plan until two weeks ago and yet it is being considered by the Planning Department in June, with a planned opening in July this year.

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“What is more, the proprietors of this enterprise have already moved in to fit out the site – they are advertising for staff and appear to be proceeding as though they already have planning permission – and have built a new entrance onto Callow Hill.”

“This is a quiet, rural, residential hamlet with road access and egress unsuitable for such a development which will vastly increase private and commercial traffic on a road where there are no footpaths and no street lighting.”

Company CEO, Tim Mayneord said: “There is not a showroom in the traditional sense but a storeroom for cars which are on live auction – cars are available to virtual bidders for seven days.

“Bidders may want to see live cars, these will eventually be via an online stream, therefore we have a storeroom for cars before auction and a storeroom for cars being sold.

“To be clear, we are not planning on creating a facility where people can simply drop in and walk around Cars on sale at any time.”

Mr Mayneord, said the year round times were for “access rather than operation” and said there would be “very low numbers” of people visiting the site.

“The planning application has been more around the extended hours rather than the usage,” he said.

“Planning consent has already been granted for that site for storage and offices.”

Brinkworth Parish Council has said the change of use from offices to a “trading centre”, it added: “This proposal is for seven-day a week access 8.00am to 8pm, which would be totally unacceptable for any application on this site as it would be to the detriment of the local amenity.

"Access to the site, being along a narrow rural road with no footpaths, is not suitable for the accommodation of increased traffic flow, in particular access by vehicle transportation. Previous applications for development at this site have demanded travel plans “in the interests of road safety and reducing vehicular traffic in the area”.

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“This development will only considerably increase traffic to the detriment of road safety.”

All the auctions, Mr Mayneord said, would be online and would only be selling three cars per day but said he does sympathise with the concerns raised by residents.

“I do understand their [residents’] concerns but we’re the opposite of a tradition car auction,” he added.

“We envision the throughput of traffic to be lower than what’s already been consented for the existing use because we’re employing a lot fewer people – I can’t see that we’re going to be putting more traffic across that road that’s already been planned and approved.”