You can picture it, right? A windy and wet Sunday and we decided to go and view Wiltshire from one of the best vantage points in the entire county – the Westbury White Horse. And while I can admit we were both distracted by trying to work out if a white building off in the distance was a castle or factory – it was definitely NOT a castle – we figured that warm food and a refreshing drink would taste all the better after braving the elements.

This, of course, was after having a wander to take in the gorgeous view. The promise of warm food and a chilled pint made nearly getting blown over the hill into a field of what we debated were probably cows. Being a little far away, it was pretty difficult to tell.

After facing said elements square on we retreated to the Horse & Groom. The pub itself was exactly what we had wanted: cosy, inviting and topped-off with 80s bangers playing quietly in the background. On its website the Horse & Groom promises “great food, great service and the best pub for smiles, and I can tell you this for certain... it delivers.

Again being, as we are eternally awkward customers it is important for us to check in advance about dietary requirements, and the Horse & Groom offered a lovely array of grub for us both coeliacs and a couple for vegans – far more for vegetarians.

As a main – we decided against starters – I ordered a vegan burger which I think was the impossible burger but I can’t be 100 per cent sure and a side of chunky chips. The burger was fantastic and being someone who prefers savoury meals, it didn’t last all that long. I will say that there is not a great amount of variety in what is on offer for vegans, but that shouldn’t put you off as what the Horse & Groom does, it does well.

My guest for the evening ordered the lamb rump on a bed of mash with red wine sauce and green beans. She said that the lamb was very tasty and cooked well, with a decadent gravy on bed of mash – and that there was gluten-free options galore to suit any sensibility.

Onto dessert, for me, it was an orange sponge smothered in a dark chocolate sauce – which while dense and delicious was a little rich for me. While I had been the first to scoff down the main, this took me a lot longer to eat. Though that’s not to say I didn’t enjoy it, as I’m still thinking about it as I clattered away at the keyboard here.

Kirsten on the other hand ordered the Toffee Topolino (toffee ice cream on an Italian meringue base with vanilla ice cream and crunchy praline) – partly because it sounded delicious and partly because it is delicious to say.

The meal came to a respectable £49.60 for two courses each, with a drink – Guinness and Kopparberg respectively. While the day might have looked dreich, it certainly did not dampen our spirits, in fact, it might have made the trip to the Horse & Groom all the better.

Next time you’re in Westbury, and the weather takes a turn for the worse I’d recommend heading there. If you’re in the mood for great food, great service and warm smiles and if you’re like us, I’m sure you’ll leave happy.