Music could be heard across Corsham yesterday (May 27), as children from Heywood Prep put on a show for care home residents, shoppers and even fitness fanatics.

With Angelique Williamson, head of music at the school, the children had worked to create "Waltzing by your Window" to bring joy to their community. 

As the sun shone, their first stop was Hungerford House, a care home on Beechfield Road.

The Heywood Prep band made their way through a setlist of classics including You Are My Sunshine, Zip a Dee Doo Dah and Stand By Me as well as hits such as Bob Marley's One Love and Good Riddance by Green Day.

A pupil, Ruby, said, “It was so beautiful to see the smiles on their faces as we sang.”

Care home staff and residents were overjoyed at the special performance and said it was "just lovely" to play a part in it.

A huge round of applause followed the children’s last song, with John Sykes, who lives at Hungerford House, full of praise for the performers.

The Waltz by your Window Tour

The Waltz by your Window Tour

He said: “It really struck a note in my heart. You’ve got some lovely youngsters there singing their heart out, keeping in time well with the music.

“We were all young once, so to see them have so much fun was really special for us.

“I never did play an instrument but I admire those who do, as it brings so much joy into the world.”

Linda Newland, who works at Hungerford House, added: “To have something new and fresh, with some new faces, is lovely especially on such a sunny day.”

The children then moved onto Springfield Leisure Centre for a performance in the much-needed shade.

Parents watched the group proudly and said Mrs Williamson was a “great advocate” for music and had helped create a real positive buzz around the children.

For the final performance of the day, the children took to Corsham High Street.

Shoppers, passing families and even local councillors all enjoyed the performance, calling it a "breath of fresh air".

Armed with boomwhackers, ukeles and even a melodica, the class and audience were full of smiles during their final performance.

Finishing with  Zip a Dee Doo Dah, and with five minutes until the end of school, the band packed up their equiptment and made their way back to Heywood Prep.

The Waltz by your Window Tour

The Waltz by your Window Tour

Headmistress, Mrs Rebecca Mitchell, said: "Being a school that enjoys being firmly rooted in the local community, we have been delighted to bring joy to local residents once again, and orchestrating a novel way to do so has been part of the fun.

"The children gained such a lot from the experience and I hope that the community enjoyed it as much as Heywood did!"

Their teacher, Mr Edwards, said, “The children have worked very hard to bring this together and they love giving back to the community.”

“I enjoyed every bit of it, seeing all those excited faces!” pupil Will remarked. “This was a random act of kindness that gave hope and boosted the morale of others.”

Heywood Prep School is an independent co-educational school for children aged 2 to 11.

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