LEIPZIG Plantation on the edge of Devizes is the latest location for geocaching, an international treasure hunt.

Geocaching enthusiast Chris Henley obtained permission from Devizes Town Council to use Leipzig Plantation to place a cache, a container filled with a log book.

Locations are detailed on the geocaching website and geocachers pinpoint the locations by using a Global Positioning System (GPS).

With the latest site at Leipzig Plantation Mr Henley and his wife, Barbara, who live in Avon Road, Devizes, now have four geocaching sites in and around Devizes.

Mr Henley and his wife, a bank clerk, got involved with geocaching about two years ago after their computer programmer son, Peter, who is in his thirties, introduced them to it.

Mr Henley, a teacher, said: "We enjoy the achievement of finding a cache but also going to places we would not have known about if we were not geocaching. We discovered an old Roman lead mine in Somerset and beautiful views in Scotland."

The furthest afield Mr and Mrs Henley have found a cache was in Georgia, USA.

Some caches contain a prize and if the finder takes it they must replace it with something else. The finder also writes in the log book the date they found the cache and when they get back home they can post comments on the website, www.geocaching.com Mr and Mrs Henley have also introduced a travel bug, a teddy bear dressed as Father Christmas, into one of their caches and which has been taken from cache to cache by geocachers and is currently in New Zealand.