THEY’VE hatched! A pair of breeding swans in Bradford on Avon have given birth.

Four of the cygnets emerged from the eggs on Thursday and Friday. The three remaining eggs have yet to hatch and may not do so.

The cute little cygnets have rapidly become the main attraction for locals and visitors to the town, with photographers lining up along the River Avon bank to take pictures of the fluffy fledglings.

Wildlife photographer Alan Benson, who was the first to share photos on local social media, was delighted the cygnets had arrived before he went on holiday.

“A few weeks of hoping that I would see some cygnets before my holiday has paid off on a very wet morning at Bradford on Avon today.

“Thanks to all the other fellow photographers for the great company on this exciting day,” said Mr Benson, 64, from Trowbridge.

“I hope that this weekend the swans and cygnets are left alone from paddle boarders and canoeists for their own safety.”

His views will be shared by the town’s residents who have been taking a keen interest in the swans.

Over the past two years, the pair of swans had failed to produce any cygnets and residents have been praying this year will be a better one.

Bradford on Avon Town Council has put up CCTV cameras to monitor the swan’s nest next to the Town Bridge.

It has also put up signs along the river warning river users to stay clear of the birds for their own safety and that of the swans.

Very recently, a paddle boarder was tipped into the river after straying too close to the male swan defending his partner and their nest.