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The story that a small terrier got savaged by an Alsation dog got a lot of reaction:

Andrew Rideout: Dog should be put down police are useless the owner should be named and shamed.

Jason Regler: Sorry but any dog goes after mine would get the hardest biggest kick in places that would ensure it lets go! Or I find something to whack it with! Sorry but that how much I think of my dog!

Anna Anna: What if that dog will attack a child next time?

THE MP for Devizes has been called to court after his dog chased some deer in a royal park.

Daniel Kruger, 46, has been charged with an offence which took place in Richmond Park, London, on March 20 this year The case is adjourned.

Alistair Fray: "FENTON!!!!

Gillian Clancy: Silly man should of had control of his dog! hope he gets what he deserves. An example set

Jess Dennis: When will people learn that animals have there own set of mind same with humans no matter how much they are trained or how they are brought up they have there own mind set.

Jason Jones: Serves him right. Put it on a lead, simple.

THE election for the Wiltshire and Swindon Police and Crime Commissioner will have to be re-run after the favourite Jonathon Seed won the election by a landslide 41,929 votes.

Mr Seed, the Conservative candidate, polled a total of 100,003 first and second preference votes to win the election.

He announced that he would have to withdraw after being disbarred by the Tory Party HQ in London because of an historic 30-year-old drink driving conviction.

Paul Johnson:This is appalling and was totally unnecessary if only the press and media had listened to what concerned members of the public where flagging up about this candidate. Clearly the Tory party are blaming Seed and visa versa but the buck stops with Seed. Had he bothered to read the rules surrounding standing as a candidate then he would have known he wasn't eligible. He and he alone is the guilty party and the people of Wiltshire deserve a full police investigation, a prosecution for potential election fraud and the guilty party made to pay for the re election. What would 1 million plus do for the community? Put more than 100 extra police on the beat that's for sure. Seed has stated he stood down so therefore he is clearly liable for this fiasco.

Gary Moore: By far the most abhorrent candidate and yet he 'won' by a landslide. It appears we have far too many voters who choose to back their local Tory candidate regardless. Wedded to a single party. I simply can't entertain the idea that those who voted for him actually thought he was the best candidate.

Not only is the turnout always disappointing in elections (local or national) but it appears many of those who do make their way to the ballot box pay very little attention to the calibre of whom they are voting for.

It's a serious issue and how we've ended up with the most odious being in the commons leading the nation. At least the positive here is that Mr. Seed won't be taking up the role.

Ryan Linke:Unfortunately the blue brigade are quite strong in Wiltshire. Most Tories are cold hearted individuals who couldn't care less about the disgraceful ex candidate who's now been barred. After all why would you care about foxes, when under the Conservatives millions of people can't afford to heat and eat on a weekly basis. I've met many Tories over the years and believe me they are some of the most wicked people with disgusting views bordering on fascism.

But then you have idiots who's communities were destroyed by Thatcher in the eighties voting them in. Turkeys voting for Christmas. Labour only seem to be strong in the major cities. The problem is the elderly are the group most likely to vote at elections and most vote Tory. The younger generations are either not interested in politics or couldn't be bothered to turn out. But you can't blame them either.

Because there's isn't much alternative in the UK. Kier Starmer is Tony Blair in disguise and will now push Labour further to the right. The Liberal Democrats disgraced themselves when in government a decade ago. So it's a very bleak outlook in the UK.