VETS have been forced to put a West Highland Terrier to sleep and a woman suffered serious hand injuries after her pet was attacked in Devizes on Friday (May 7).

Wiltshire Police have launched an investigation after being called out to reports that a German Shepherd-type dog had attacked the terrier.

The attack took place near Nursteed Community Primary School in Brickley Lane, Devizes.

The terrier was rushed to a local vet where it had to be put down because of the severe injuries it sustained.

The Westie's owner suffered hand injuries as she tried to prise the terrier from Alsatian's jaws.

Police said: “We were called at 5.15pm on Friday to reports that an Alsatian dog had attacked a Westie dog leaving it with severe injuries.

“The incident took place near Nursteed Primary School in Devizes. In addition, a member of the public suffered injuries to her hand.

“The severely injured animal was taken into the care of a local vet. Enquiries are ongoing to contact the owner of the other animal involved in the incident."

“The Westie which was attacked later had to be put down due to the injuries sustained.”

Another West Highland Terrier owner said: “This is just dreadful. Does anyone know who this poor lady and her dog is?

“I’m also a Westie owner and often stop to talk to fellow Westie owners in Devizes. Heart goes out to her.... unimaginable horror.”

Anyone with information relating to the incident should call the police on 101.