Voters in Wiltshire took to the polls yesterday (May 6) to have their say in shaping the county over the coming years. 

In total, there were hundreds of elections for seats on Wiltshire Council, on town and parish council, on the new Swindon and Wiltshire Police & Crime Commissioner and Neighbourhood Planning referendums. 

Polls officially closed at 10pm and while elsewhere counters may be working through the night, in Wiltshire the counts have been spread out over the weekend. 

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Today (May 7) election officials will begin verifying the votes from all of the elections at County Hall in Trowbridge, the Olympiad in Chippenham and the Five Rivers Health and Wellbeing centre in Salisbury. 

On Saturday (May 8) from 10am election staff will begin the count and will announce the winners for the 98 seats on Wiltshire Council. 

On May 9 the count will take place for all of the town and parish council seats, as well as the nine Neighbourhood Planning referendums. 

Most results on these days are expected by late afternoon. 

For live updates on the counts as they happen follow our live blog

Monday will see the election of the new Swindon and Wiltshire Police & Crime Commissioner -- the count for this will take place in Salisbury from 10am. 

The final electorate for Wiltshire was 381,454 with over 70,000 of those registering to vote by post. 

More than 2,000 candidates battled it out over 98 Wiltshire Council seats, 63 contested town and parish elections and voters had their say on one right to build order referendum and nine Neighbourhood Planning referendum. 

The pre-election make up of the council was:

  • 62 Conservatives
  • 21 Liberal Democrats
  • 11 Independent
  • 3 Labour
  • 1 vacant seat (By-brook which was previously held by Baroness Jane Scott of the Conservative party)