Face-to-face classes have started up again at Marlborough's Dance Academy.

"Zoom wasn’t for everyone, but it was wonderful to see so many students persevere and keep dancing," said Cheryl Heuston, who runs it.

"It certainly kept me going in such a weird and difficult time. But nothing beats being in the same room… and there are less interruptions from my dogs!”

Georgia, age 9, who does 4 classes a week with MAD said: “Zoom was good because it encouraged me to practise, but it’s so much better being in the studio with my friends and being able to hear other people’s voices when we’re singing and really see us all dancing together. "

Another parent, mum to Evie, who has attended MAD since she four said: “When I ask my daughter about this time last year, she has almost no memories, but she remembers the Saturday morning zoom classes with Cheryl! To us as a family, those zoom sessions were like a small window of sunshine amongst the grey clouds.”