A DEVIZES couple say they have been left grappling for answers in a seven-month battle for broadband.

Being without an internet connection for even a day can be hard enough for many of us, especially with homeworking.

Jenny and David Thornton live in Roundway Park, and have tried “everything possible” to have BT rectify their broadband problem.

It’s not only their own work and day-to-day life affected. Their daughter has been forced to battle through her university degree, by driving into Devizes town centre or working from her car - just in order to find a connection.

“We’ve lived here for 20 years,” David said.

“We’ve been loyal customers and have had no problems at all up until last year.”

The problems started last summer when a ‘green box,’ which provides a broadband connection for the wider Roundway area, was damaged by a car.

Since then, the broadband has been unstable, and either not existent, or rarely getting above 8mbps, with the upload speed never achieving 1mbps.

The Thorntons repeatedly called BT customer service and struggled to find answers. They also recently found out that their case had been ‘cleared’ when, in reality, they were still no closer to a working broadband connection.

Hours of mobile phone calls have been tallied up over the last few months.

“It feels like no-one is listening to us,” Jenny.

“Engineers have been called out time and time again and the fact this isn’t fixed yet is appalling. It feels like Groundhog Day. Even reaching someone to speak to can be difficult.”

David added: “It has caused a huge amount of stress now, it is infuriating.”

“It has been months and we’ve had no answers.”

From December 19 to April 21, there have been 17 engineer visits to their home. On one visit, it was found that a collapsed duct needed to be replaced, which requires planning permission to do.

Councillor Laura Mayes, who represents Roundway, said: "I share the Thornton’s frustration with BT’s appalling service.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Cllr Laura MayesCllr Laura Mayes

"It is important to hold large organisations like to account for these issues and I will continue to work with Jenny and David to try to get this resolved.”

Jenny and David explained that they felt it was BT’s duty to rectify their broadband issue, and any potential costs, as they pay for the service.

A BT spokesman said: “We’re very sorry for the problems Mr and Mrs Thornton have experienced with their broadband.

“Although the service is now running within their contracted speed, we’ll contact the Thorntons to make sure they’re happy with their service.

"Openreach engineers fixed network faults relating to the connection last year, both of which were resolved and one drop in service was reported earlier this month, now resolved.”