Here are your views on our top stories online this week.

People were full of praise for Louise Scrivens, the new deputy head at Marden Vale in Calne.

The primary had been deemed inadequate, but now things are on the up despite a falling school roll.

But the school fears a drop in numbers will mean a drop in budget to make things right.

Nikki Wicks: If anyone can change this school’s reputation it is Louise Scrivens. She was an outstanding teacher at Derry Hill School and very much missed. She’s so passionate about education and also the children and their well being.

Maggie Raybould: Another vote of confidence for Louise Scrivens. She’s a wonderful teacher and genuinely cares about her students wellbeing

Rachel Holland: Great article. It’s a very lucky school to have Mrs Scrivens, that’s for sure. She’s very much missed.

Louise Turner-Talmage: Good luck to you both. Here in Royal Wootton Bassett our school was on a downwards spiral, not as bad as I’m reading in this article but like you we had a new Deputy Head and Headteacher come in, we gained some new teaching staff and our school has come on leaps and bounds. They are worth their weight in gold and more. We will get the ‘Outstanding’ that we deserve! Fingers crossed you do too

This week, it was reported that British charity worker Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe had been sentenced to another year in prison and has been banned from leaving Iran.

The 42-year-old completed a five-year sentence earlier this month in Tehran on spying charges levied by Iranian authorities, the last year of which was spent under house arrest due to the pandemic.

Sarah Bec: Oh my god! This poor woman and her family! Utterly disgusting treatment!

Annmarie Rutterford: There are no words .... this lady needs to be home with her daughter and husband

Liz Stevens: This is horrendous. Why should this woman be punished because the British government didn’t pay their debts

Eileen Rumble: I feel so sorry for her and hubby and child why can’t the government do some thing

We reported that whisky lovers hope to set up a new distillery in Wiltshire with ingredients sourced from around the county. Andrew Wilson founded Ten Hides while managing a wind farm in Scotland and wants to build the new business in Poulshot Lodge Farm alongside Salisbury Plain.

People are full of excitement for the venture.

John Jacobs: Good luck to them!! Let’s hope it’s a great success! Look forward to tasting some in ten years time!,

Martina Elliott: Typical x I move away from the area and they plan a distillery

Plans for 57 houses in Devizes have had a mixed response on Facebook. The disused land, near London Road, is owned by Wiltshire Police. Residents and town councillors oppose the plans.

Steven ‘Dolly’ Durnford: If only they’d sort out the infrastructure and facilities first in this town.

Joseph Blake: By people who already have somewhere to live? Shock.

Sarah Dolman: Surely there is something else more beneficial that could be put there for us residents up this way living.

Kevin Mullis: It will definitely tidy the area up as it’s just a mess now...

This week, Boris Johnson denied reports of him saying that he would rather see bodies pile up than go into a third coronavirus lockdown. Asked if he made the comments attributed to him, the Prime Minister said: “No, but I think the important thing I think people want us to get on and do as a Government is to make sure that the lockdowns work.”

Gary Moore: I imagine we will never know for sure if Boris ever said it. However, he does have a history of making abhorrent comments and showing a lack of consideration for others, whether that’s the Dunblane massacre, the civil war in Libya or the many demographics he’s attacked.

In fact, when talking about Libya, he exhibited his lack of consideration for those who had lost their lives and also cited the piles of “dead bodies” that ‘got in the way’ of potential economic development. So, no, we will probably never know for sure but he most certainly has history and is the least trustworthy PM we’ve ever had.”