More than 90 people have signed a petition in protest at plans to move Calne's rugby pitch.

Calne Town Council plans to relocate the pitch at the town's recreation ground to the adjacent Potter’s Field.

But residents are furious, claiming that the land was gifted to the people of Calne by the Harris family.

"It should therefore be for the people of Calne to use communally and not the Rugby club exclusively," said protestor Alan Beesby.

"The area has been subject to a lot of development work with Green Square demolishing the garages which were built for residents and not replaced with anywhere near an equivalent amount of parking as well as building on the green space which was there.

"Part of the justification given for this by Green Square, was seemingly that the Potter’s Field would remain available to residents, however this now transpires may not be the case."

The plans, submitted to Wiltshire Council, include a renovation of the playing surface, installation of permanent perimeter fencing, equipment storage container and demountable high ball-stop mesh fencing.

A new overflow car parking site will be located to the side of The Recreation Ground, at Hillcroft, which will be used during match days and marshalled by stewards on the site.

But petitioners claim this would not only seriously impact the quality of life for the adjacent residents due to the extremely close proximity but would also deprive Calne residents of recreational and vital green space that is extensively used by families and Children.

They claim there is no access to Potters field, immediately behind the houses on Woodroffe Square which is where all the children and families meet and play.

The petition claims that 'shouting, extensive swearing and commotion' would be just two car lengths from people’s back doors.

And it asks: "What would this mean for the rest of this communal green space left if the Rugby club has a clubhouse at one end and the pitch at the other?"

Jeannette Young, Director of Council Services said: “The initial phase will help Calne Town Council in its mission to return the recreation ground site to its’ designated pleasure ground use. We look forward to sharing our vision with the community.”