The families of residents living at Furlong Close have been invited to be part of the process of finding a new provider for the site, according to Wiltshire Council.

In February it was stated that Hft who runs the Furlong Close would be closing its contract but said the site would be available for the next two years.

Since then, Wiltshire Council has been in the process of finding a new provider.

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The final stages of which are said to take place next month with families of residents involved in the interview process.

Corporate director for people at the council, Lucy Townsend said: “We have been liaising with families of Furlong Close residents and have invited them to be involved in an interview that will form part of the tender evaluation, as it will be important we take on board the views of the families before any decision is made.

“We have also been holding regular meetings with the family members of residents and there will be another one this week to provide them with the latest news.

“For us, this is about finding the best future options for our residents who live at Furlong Close.”

This ongoing process was confirmed this week by Laura Mayes, cabinet member for children, education and skills in a tweet, which said: “Was pleased to update Rowde Parish Council that a number of organisations have made submissions to take over the care for residents at Furlong Close.

“These are being reviewed by Wiltshire Council. We need to find a viable long term plan for residents.”


Care charity, HfT owns the site which is home to 21 Wiltshire residents and 14 from other local authorities.