A FAWN was mauled in front of a young family yesterday (April 27), after owners lost control of two of their dogs.

It is one of three incidents involving an out of control dog in the last two days, all of which have taken place on Salisbury Plain.

The attack on the young deer led to it receiving numerous bites and it "almost certainly would have died as a result of its injuries", according to Salisbury Plain authorities.

The owners managed to take back control of the dogs.

Dog walker interrupts military training

Today (April 28), a dog walker complained to a military unit that was conducting training that their firing of blank ammunition could injure her children.

On investigation, it was confirmed by another member of the public that her dog was not under control, her children were not by her side the whole time and she had also been walking in the vicinity of another unit driving cross country in Challenger tanks.

Posting on Facebook, HQ Salisbury Plain Training Area said: "The dog issues aside, interfering with military training is against the law.

"Our patrols are reporting that the vast majority of dog walkers on SPTA are irresponsible.

"The bylaws state that dogs must be under control at all times."

The Countryside Code states:

  • On Open Access land and at the coast, you must put your dog on a lead around livestock. Between 1 March and 31 July, you must have your dog on a lead on Open Access land, even if there is no livestock on the land. These are legal requirements.
  • A farmer can shoot a dog that is attacking or chasing livestock. They may not be liable to compensate the dog’s owner”.

The HQ page added: "We have had confirmed sightings of ground nesting birds.

"As has already been mentioned in a previous post, we prepare set areas that are conducive to their needs, but they frequently nest outside of these sites and should be expected anywhere on the training area.

"If you are one of the few conscientious dog walkers who keep their dogs on leads, pick up after them and are a true animal lover, then thank you, and we welcome you to walk on the Plain".

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