Calne Bowls Club has been granted a licence to sell alcohol to members and guests after matches.

The licence will allow the club to sell alcohol to be drunk on-site between 12pm and 10pm during the week, and 10am to 10pm on weekends.

A representation raised concerns over the “prevention of public nuisance”. They said that a second drinking establishment in the area – Calne Recreational Club already has a club licence – would cause significant noise disturbance for nearby residents.

Bowlers enjoying the sun at Saturdays open day at Calne Bowling Club

Bowlers enjoying the sun at Saturday's open day at Calne Bowling Club

Mr Wicks who represented the bowls club said that the Recreational Club has applied for planning permission for an L-shaped extension around the bowls green.

This, according to Mr Wicks, makes it impossible for the bowls club to use the Recreational Club’s licence.

“It would be nice to have a drink after a match,” he said.

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“There is very little noise which comes from the bowls club. We are very responsible people, we are all local people and we just want to enjoy a game of bowls and a drink afterwards.”

There was some confusion over the sale of booze – highlighted by Cllr Alison Bucknell – to members and guests, as this had not been filled out on the application form.

It was confirmed by the bowls club that it did intend to sell alcohol to both members of the club and its guests.

Cllr Peter Hutton, asked for Mr Wicks to confirm that the bowls club would only use the licence for post-match drinks and not for other functions such as birthdays and weddings – which was confirmed by Mr Wicks.

Resident Fiona Cottrill said that it seemed excessive for the area to have two licensed premises and raised concerns over the later times.

It was announced by chairman of the Northern Area Licensing sub-committee, Cllr Stewart Palmen that the group had resolved to grant the bowls club its licence.