Sonya Brewer

First City Nursing

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Sonya Brewer

Sonya said: “I’m really honoured to have been nominated. I thoroughly enjoy the job and have a really good rapport with my clients, they always tell me I make them smile and that they’re glad it’s me that’s come! Throughout the pandemic I might have been the only person they saw, so I’ve tried to make my clients feel like they’re part of my family.”

She was nominated by Sam Roberts, who said: “Sonya she goes over and above in supporting the whole team by helping out wherever she can to ensure that the customers are supported to the highest standard and that all their needs are met. Sonya is undoubtedly the happiest most positive person I have ever met, nothing is too much trouble, she does anything that is asked of her to make the customers’ lives better. She is a joy to speak to and brings happiness and light into people’s lives. She goes out of her way to support the back-office team by delivering PPE outside of her working hours, she gives up a lot of her days off so that the customers can be supported this has been especially so in the last 12 months with the challenges that Covid-19 has bought. She has supported some customers who are Covid-positive with empathy and positivity. Nothing is too much trouble for Sonya. I have never heard her complain, her positivity is infectious. She is a huge asset to the team, she is highly thought of and is a joy to work with.”

Christina Guy

Bluebird Care

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Christina Guy

Christina said: “This year has been a challenging one for all. To be recognised in times like these I feel very privileged. I did what I thought was best for the people around me and for the people I care for. I have a very good support network around me that I could not have done it without.”

She was nominated by Lauren Flannigan, who said: “Christina has worked for Bluebird Care for around five years now and been a carer for many years before that. She is an asset to our team and very well loved by her customers. Christina mainly works in Highworth, and during the initial lockdown Christina completely shut her area down and wanted to ensure that she was the only person visiting those customers in order to keep them as safe as possible from the virus. Therefore by choice she worked every single day without fail. This meant that not a single customer on Christine’s run was affected by the virus at all and had continuity of care throughout. She supported her customers with different tasks such as shopping or picking up medication throughout lockdowns when friends or family was either unable to leave their house or unable to visit. She also takes books and DVDs around to customers to make sure that they were kept entertained at a time when people couldn’t visit and libraries etc weren’t open. She upholds extremely high standards at all times.”

Karen Philpott

Domiciliary Care Manager

Florence Court Extra Care Housing

Karen said: “Oh wow. I can honestly say, as very grateful and happy as I am to be a finalist, I could never feel deserving of it. I do what I do for the love and joy on the faces of people I work with and could never do anything different.”

She was nominated by Angela Tredrea, who said: “Florence Court Extra Care Housing supports independent living for residents who live in their own flats, Karen manages the office and well being of the residents, going the extra mile to make sure that the residents are happy and secure with peace of mind living in their own home, especially taking extra responsibilities during lockdown. She has gone above and beyond to the point where she has arrived into work even though she has not been well herself to make sure that things are running as smoothly as possible for our residents. Karen manages a well run establishment, keeping every one up to date with Covid-19 and makes sure that the protocol has been followed. such as stepping up on infection control making sure that all relevant documentation is in place for other member of staff to follow correctly to achieve and outstanding for responsiveness from CQC last year, Karen’s achievement has been remarkable to the point where her management skills have kept Covid-19 away from Florence Court to date. Karen has a keen ear and is an excellent problem solver where she will assist and help staff to if they have any problems or queries. She is a full-on people’s person where she also works alongside BPHA to keep Florence Court safe and secure for our residents. Karen has the trust of all of our residents from all walks of life who find Karen very approachable and helpful.”