A Calne primary school deemed inadequate by Ofsted says things are on the up.

But as primary school places are allocated, pupil numbers at Marden Vale are down by half.

"We have a bad reputation as a school," said recently arrived deputy head Louise Scrivens.

"We have heard it called Marden Jail and even then Marden Fail, but we are determined to change that perception."

The school, which largely draws from surrounding estates in Calne, fears the drop in numbers will mean a drop in budget to make things right.

Bad pupil behaviour and high staff turnovers contributed to the Ofsted mark in 2018.

Ofsted's recent spot checks stated that the drive to improve the school had continued at pace.

The new brooms in are Louise Scrivens, who came in from Derry Hill school, and head Alison Emmerson.

"I just want people to know that we are not going anywhere," said Louise. "Our reputation is getting better, but nobody chose to come here.

"They just applied because their families had been through here, or they got given the school because they forgot to apply.

"We so want people to come and see the school now. It is so much improved. If they could just come in they would know we are on the up.

"I want people to be proud of the school again and say 'I went to Marden Vale'."

They are also working on creating stronger links with the community.

A local fitness team is helping kids get fit and raffle prizes to raise cash have been donated by local businesses.

"We are improving our outdoor areas. The Marden Garden is coming on. We have a big pastoral base as we have a lot of kids with emotional issues.

"This school needed to be loved. Alison and I love this school now. We want people to love the school again," she added.