Calne hair dresser Joshua Hilton has decided the the gender hair gap needs to be closed.

"It's really bugged me over the years how hair is always based on gender," he said.

"It makes no sense to charge somebody more for the same cut.

"With opening a salon comes my own decisions and rules, the perk of being my own boss. So one of the first things that came to me was gender neutral prices.

"Obviously all hair is different but it should be quoted and priced on length, texture, time and the finished goal. This is why I think it's unfair that a lady with exactly the same length as a man has to pay more despite it being the same length and it taking the same time."

He is based at Four Brooks buisness park, and went it alone with his own salon just before the first lockdown.

"It was such bad timing," he said. "The last 13 months have been tough. I'm just grateful and lucky that I have been able to work when I have been allowed, compared to some people."