Astronaut Tim Peake has praised the determination of young Devizes fundraiser Chloe Boyle.

The four-year-old has completed thousands of bounces on her trampoline to raise funds for the charity Hope for Hasti.

Peake, who became the first British astronaut to visit the International Space Station to conduct a spacewalk, caught wind of her space-themed fundraiser.

On Facebook, he wrote: "Wow Chloe what a fantastic challenge! I love your determination, it is a really important skill for many things including becoming an astronaut. Keep jumping and Ad Astra."

Ad Astra is Latin for 'To the Stars'.

Chloe, who goes to St Joseph’s in Devizes, and her mum Julie, have completed 32,000 jumps on their trampoline and raised £1557 so far.

Julie said: "Chloe has blown me away with her determination to go out every day and do her jumps for Hasti, there hasn't been a day she has not wanted to do them!

"She has helped raise awarenesss of the charity and CdLS, and at four-years-old has raised an incredible amount of money.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:

"I couldn't be any more proud of her, she's an absolute superstar!

"When I read the message from Tim, she was so excited that a real astronaut had written to her, it really made her day."

Julie added: "Chloe is a bit sad the challenge has ended, so we will be doing the return journey from the moon home I think! Chloe has also said she would like to do another challenge for Hasti later in the year."

To donate to the fundraiser, go to

The charity Hope for Hasti was founded last year, and aims to raise £2.5m to fund vital research to develop gene therapy and conduct clinical trials.