The fountain in Devizes's Market Place was overflowing with bubbles this afternoon, after an unknown prankster added washing up liquid to the water.

Young children were spotted playing and laughing in the bubbly scene with footprints scattered around the fountain.

People on social media have raised concerns about the expected cost in cleaning up the foam – and its impact on unsuspecting birds who might drink from the fountain.

Simon Fisher, town clerk for Devizes, explained a lot of work would go into rectifiying the situation.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The fountain has been drainedThe fountain has been drained

He told the Gazette: "We've drained the fountain and we'll have two guys go back tomorrow to have a look and see about refilling it.

"It takes a long time to drain it out completely and make sure it's properly clean."

Bubbles were created in the fountain back in 2016, and similar pranks are well-known at Frome's Boyle Cross fountain and at the Cascade Steps in Bristol.

Police launched an appeal for two Devizes youths after a similiar incident in 2007.

Suds cascaded from the fountain just a month after a £60,000 restoration project had been completed on the landmark.

In 2000, a simliar soapy sight left locals confusing the lather for autumnal snow.