An appeal against a Wiltshire Council decision to refuse planning permission for a “self-build” house in Lower Seagry has been dismissed.

The bid, launched by Mr and Mrs Muir of Sherwood, Lower Seagry, was rejected by the council principally because the proposals did not meet the in-fill criteria in its core policy.

A “self-build” house is where the construction of a dwelling is commissioned and tailored to someone’s requirements, lifestyle and budget.

Site plans for Sherwood, Lower Seagry

Site plans for Sherwood, Lower Seagry

The planning inspector, J P Longmuir, upheld the local authority decision based again on the location of the proposed build.

Noting that Lower Seagry lacked local amenities and is linked to Upper Seagry only by a lane with no pavement for pedestrians or lighting.

Because of this, the inspector found that the occupants would be reliant on private transport and would “lead to the generation of carbon and exacerbate the effects of climate change”.

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They added: “The dwelling would have economic benefits through its construction and bring social benefits by providing a new home.

“It would also be an opportunity for the self-build which is an unmet demand and makes a contribution to housing land supply.”

Ultimately, however, they found that because of the need for private transport, and the harm the bid would cause to the character and appearance of the area, the appeal was dismissed.