Bradford on Avon Town Council has agreed to extend its youth services contract for six months to allow for the new council in May to decide on a future service provider.

At an extraordinary meeting of the full council, members were asked to commit £30,993 per year – rising to £42,970 in the fourth year – for youth services in the town.

Controversially for some councillors, this would mean committing the town council post-May elections to a service for its entire term.

Cllr Laurie Brown said a decision such as this should not be done this close to election-time, adding this should be a decision that is left up to the new council.

Town mayor, Simon McNeill-Ritchie said the matters needed tidying up before the election but Cllr Brown disagreed, adding the meeting was only called as part of the election campaign.

Town clerk, Sandra Bartlett – who has worked with the town council since 1999 – said this was business as usual and full council meetings are often held before elections.

Councillors were asked to vote on and appoint the bidder (who could not be disclosed) for the youth service which in effect would “lift and shift” the services.

Cllr Jim Lynch said he would prefer a six month extension to the contract, a sentiment backed up by Cllrs David Garwood and Sarah Gibson.

Leader of the town council, Dom Newton proposed a six month extension to the current contract and seconded by Cllr Garwood – it was also suggested by Cllr Lynch that the extension should suggest continuing service for the villages.

In the vote, the council approves the motion with 10 in favour and two abstentions

Cllr McNeill-Ritchie said he was told the decision must be made at the meeting and was disappointed that the advice had changed.