A small village shop with a very big heart has raised hundreds for local charities.

Staff at Yatton Keynell general store and post office set up a local delivery service when the pandemic first hit, to ensure residents across the village could still get access to food and supplies.

Initially free, owner Manda Green then asked if people would be happy to pay a small charge of 50p for the service.

Since then, all profits made have gone into supporting Wiltshire-based causes such as St Margaret's Church, Wiltshire Air Ambulance and WAGS, which supports retired police dogs in the county.

Manda, who runs the deliveries with her husband and daughter, said: "It's only 50p per delivery, but it does add up. We did the service for free during the first lockdown, and when things began to ease we asked if people would be willing to pay a small fee - as long as the money went to charity. And they said yes!"

Manda hopes to reach as many local charities as possible with the project.

She added: "I don’t know how much we’ve raised exactly but it’s anything between £50-£100 a month that we give to a charity

"Adam Weal, who is a trustee of WAGS, lives locally, which was a reason behind picking that charity most recently.

"We also donated to Wiltshire Air Ambulance, as they are beneficial to everyone and I believe their chairperson lives locally as well."

"People are happy paying for the service and it has been a nice boost for all of us."

Adam, who recently completed his very own fundraiser for WAGS, recently accepted a cheque from the village store on behalf of the charity.

He added: "It's a very kind thing to do and they really have excelled themselves to provide local deliveries to our local community during this pandemic."

To find out more or to get in touch with the store, go to www.facebook.com/yattonkeynellvillagestore