A remembrance garden is to be devoted to the Derry Hill crash victims in Castlefields Park in Calne.

The plans have approval from the town council, and include a circular, tree-lined path and a stone plinth.

Four young men, Ryan Nelson, 20, Corey Owen, 19, Matthew Parke, 19, and Jordan Rawlings, 20, died in the crash at Derry Hill in August last year.

So far, more than £6,000 of the £8,000 target has been raised with 247 individual donations.

Late last year, a fraudulent page was set up to collect donations in the names of the young men. Arrests have been made but no charges have been laid..

Su Johnson, a close friend of Matthew Parke's mum Amanda, set up a new page with Calne Town Mayor, Robert Merrick in place as beneficiary.

Su says the money will be used to create a garden on the upper level at Castlefields.

"I'm thrilled to confirm Calne Town Council have unanimously approved the creation of a remembrance garden on the upper level at Castlefields.

"It will provide a safe space for family and friends to remember the boys as well as a quiet and reflective location for the whole community."

The final design for the garden is yet to be created, but Calne Mayor Cllr Robert Merrick hopes it will be open for the anniversary of the tragedy in August this year.

"It has been an honour for me to work on this with the family, and I am delighted we could get the full council to approve this in our last meeting. It was unaninmously agreed and will be a lovely place to remember the boys.

"The idea is to keep in with the feel of Castlefield Park, and the idea is to also provide the people of Calne with a place of quiet reflection."

The circular design is in an area of archeological interest in the park which is set on the old town castle site.

A concept sketch' has been released - and the design is by Paul Jolfrey.

If you would like to donate you can do so here.